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Read how Elise uses Argyrex® to Combat Acne

Argyrex is a blessing in my life. Three and a half years ago, I experienced bumps on my chin. After consulting with a skin specialist, I was informed these bumps were acne cysts. Naturally, it made me feel very self-conscious, even to the point where I wore a large bandage. I had been battling the cysts for years, and at times they looked gruesome, and then it happened…

Four months ago, a dear friend introduced me to Argyrex, and he demonstrated the miraculous healing power of Argyrex in healing cuts on his hands. Given the proven results of the product, I optimistically applied Argyrex at night time, and a thinner coat for day wear. To my delight, the bumps receded and disappeared - my chin was no longer tender or broken out! Despite having sensitive skin, Argyrex proved to blend and heal my skin with a gentle and healing manner.

Since then, I have continued to use Argyrex, and I am proud to say it is part of my daily routine-it makes me feel good (and look good!) on the outside as well as on the inside. Allow yourself to experience the sensational experience of Argyrex, and in just a short time, you’ll feel, and see, the difference!

Elise (52 years young)...Orange County, California
Treating Acne
Give acne a "double punch" with Argyrex®!

Argyrex® combats the bacteria that cause acne! Yes, a bacteria called P. acnes lives on everyone's skin. Excessive oils clog follicles, allowing these P. acne bacteria to proliferate. Argyrex® EFFECTIVELY absorbs excess oil, leading to less clogging of the follicles (your pores), and Argyrex® EFFECTIVELY absorbs the P. acne bacteria.

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