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ARGYREX® is an ABSORBENT ANTI-INFECTIVE, Safe, Soft and Soothing For Application To Tender, Inflamed And/or Agitated Skin. Dries quickly to a soft powder, Argyrex® is NOT a sticky cream or greasy ointment!
$39.95 FOR AMPLE 3 OZ. JAR
ARGYREX® Skin Treatment Is Easy, Effective Hygiene Management
ARGYREX® contains soothing, non-irritating anti-infective ARGYROL®, suspended in a revolutionary nanotechnological delivery system of sterilized microcrystalline minerals, for continuous absorptive anti-infective action, WITHOUT STAINING!

ARGYREX® is revolutionary because it ABSORBS! It is the only effective "GERM VACUUM CLEANER" to help stop contamination from spreading. ARGYREX® is always safe for your skin EVERYWHERE on your body!

Stops Discomfort
ARGYREX® relieves itching and burning, shortens healing time, helps prevent secondary infection and helps reduce redness and incidence of scarring.

ARGYREX® helps natural scab formation and helps protect you, and others, from contamination while skin heals.

ARGYREX® suspends laboratory tested, effective concentrations of soothing, non-irritating, reliable ARGYROL® to an applied skin area to eliminate germs and the medium in which they thrive.

ARGYREX® adheres to all skin surfaces and remains intact in broken skin, helping the skin to accelerate the natural healing processes. ARGYREX® completely dissolves in water, and NEVER STAINS skin or fabrics.

Speed Dries
ARGYREX® is easy to use and dries as you apply. Please note: ARGYREX® is provided moist for ease of application, BECAUSE it rapidly dries. Simply shake jar, or stir and adjust ARGYREX® to any desired consistency with the addition of water and gently daub it on, no need to rub. The ample 3 oz. jar of ARGYREX® goes a long way, and ARGYREX® remains effective, even if dry. Just add water to restore, and stir right in the jar. Does not contaminate!

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Fast Effective Relief for:
  • Diaper Rash
  • Genital Herpesmore...
  • Shingles
  • Acne
  • Cold Sores
  • Staph infections
  • Poison Ivy
  • ...more
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