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Directions for Use
Thoroughly clean skin site and hands. Shake jar or stir if necessary and apply an amount sufficient to completely cover affected area. Argyrex® will dry and adhere to every skin site. For mucous membrane areas cover site thoroughly to help to alleviate discomfort. Permit excess Argyrex® to dry and slough off. Allow Argyrex® to adhere and remain in place during routine cleansing and reapply as needed. A bandage may be applied if desired to cover the area. Use Argyrex® overnight for facial application.

Keep jar tightly closed so that it does not dry out. Moisten with water to restore. Argyrex® will remain fully effective. Argyrex® is guaranteed to be 100% safe and effective for persons on all ages when used as directed.
Case Study: Flanders Court of Carmel

As owner/administrator of a senior assisted living facility, I have long looked for a product (over-the-counter) that can help me deal with skin infection & breakdown issues.

When we were introduced to Argyrex®, the Argyrol Sterile Dressing, an easy to use natural product with no side effects & reasonably priced, we were excited.

We have had several dramatic instances of rapid resolution to what would normally have been skin problems that would have been difficult to treat with the usual regimen proscribed by their physicians.

One resident Alta, aged 91, had a mastectomy on her left side, followed by aggressive radiation therapy. Skin on her upper arm appeared severely burned, which Alta proceeded to scratch raw because of the intense itching. We began daily applications of the Argyrol Sterile Dressing & almost immediately the itching lessened. Also her 'burned skin' began to resolve much more quickly than the attending physician believed possible. And at a time when Alta was still very weak after the course of radiation treatments.

Alta also had a recurring problem with skin breakdown on her posterior, as she is incontinent & must spend much time in bed & her lift chair. With regular applications of the Argyrol Sterile Dressing, stage 2 Dermal ulcer disappeared within two weeks. With the problem resolved we now only need to use a light thin film [of Argyrol Sterile Dressing] to deal with red areas before it progresses any further.

Another long time resident Anita, aged 96, had a complete thick toenail pull off one day, with the skin underneath pulled off as well, causing bleeding. The foot specialist noted it was not deep, but required a bandage. He instructed it to be changed daily, & the toe soaked in warm water. He (Dr. Yee) approved of us including the use of Argyrol Sterile Dressing. Within 2 days the skin was doing so well, Anita could again wear her slippers, & there was no pain!

Another resident Jane (aged 89) came to us for her final 5 months of life. She was mostly bed bound & had developed ulcers on her back shoulder.

After using the Argyrol Sterile Dressing for 4 days her skin was almost completely healed. We have also used the [Argyrol Sterile Dressing] product on herpes cold sores & [herpes] skin rashes [shingles], with unbelievable [positive] results.

Argyrol Sterile Dressing helps us to provide a quality of life, with dignity for our residents. Our little community has happily agreed to send along some pictures of themselves. Please feel free to call us anytime at (831) 626-0824.

Herman G. Fickewirth

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