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Argyrex® for your Baby
...soothing and non-irritating...
ARGYREX® is unique: it soothes inflamation immediately upon application and speed dries to accelerate healing. It is soothing and non-irritating to Baby's skin!

WORKS GREAT FOR ADULT DIAPER RASH too! (click here to learn more about your options at the National Association for Incontinence.

Keep your Baby happy with ARGYREX®:

  • Safe (non-toxic) & soft for tender, inflamed, & agitated skin!
  • ARGYREX® is a sterilized absorptive mineral dressing, a "germ vacuum cleaner" to promote fast healing!

  • Relieves itching & burning Baby discomfort, too!

  • Shortens healing time & helps prevent secondary infection!

  • Adheres to Baby's butt, and dissolves in water!

  • Will never stain Baby's or parent linen & clothing!

    How to use
    When Baby is suffering from diaper rash, daub ARGYREX® on the affected area at each change. ARGYREX® will immediately provide cool, soothing relief to resolve problem rash, prevent problem rash and keep Baby dry.
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  • Staph infections
  • Cold sores
  • Poison Ivy
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    "...highly effective..." writes Dr. John Mitchell
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