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ARGYREX® Anti-Infective Action Immediately
Relieves Itching, Burning & Heals Skin FAST for ALL Types of Herpes Outbreaks !
KILLS HIV/HSV2 Viruses & STAPH Bacteria!
Directions for Use
Let's face it, we're all at risk when someone has an outbreak...Now you CAN help protect yourself and others. Put Argyrex® on breakouts right away. Argyrex® provides immediate relief and helps prevent transmission of opportune viruses. Argyrex® helps prevent opportunity for secondary introduction of problematic bacteria infection to broken skin.

Argyrex® is easily applied WITHOUT RUBBING and Argyrex® is EFFECTIVE in adjusted consistencies for your comfort. Simply apply Argyrex® sufficient to cover broken skin area. Argyrex® dries and adheres to ALL skin surfaces. Argyrex® adjusts to desired consistency with water and easily rinses off. Argyrex® DOES NOT STAIN skin or fabrics. A little Argyrex® goes a long way...leave it in place and/or reapply as needed for relief after routine cleansing.

Argyrex® MEETS the NEED for EFFECTIVE hygiene management!

Relieve Stress with Argyrex® and Get Immediate Relief For All Your Concerns about Herpes Now!

If you experience discomfort from herpes outbreaks, don't wait; Accelerate healing with Argyrex®.......

Argyrex® delivers original ARGYROL® Anti-Infective soothing and non-irritating relief, applied to skin inflammations caused by all strains of herpes viruses. Argyrex® is guaranteed to shorten healing time for herpes outbreaks!

Get Protected, Get Argyrex®!

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