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Historic Argyrol® Registration Acquired
United States Patent and Trademark Office assignment of world-reknowned mark Argyrol® registration, issued after unchallenged USPTO process. Grandfather drug OTC Argyrol® Anti-Infective was manufactured by IOLAB PHARMACEUTICALS until 1992. IOLAB was acquired by Bausch & Lomb without transfer of license for manufacture of Argyrol® Anti-Infective. Argyrol® Pharmaceuticals will seek a pharmaceutical channel partner for reponsibility to globally provide Argyrol® Anti-Infective first aid, first line of defense, first response hygiene protocols against todays's resistant strains of bacteria and viruses. Argyrol® and Argyrol® derivatives will position to distribute into global populations. Argyrol® Anti-Infective has long been listed as an Essential Medicine for African populations in crisis. Argyrol® Anti-Infective products provide more vigilent hygiene protocols against transmission of opportune communicable diseases.
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