Dr. Barnes legacy to mankind is not only his priceless Barnes Collection, but even more so his Argyrol molecule, legitimately his "Billion Dollar Baby". By his genius, essentially he secured from out of the past for a time in the future, benefit for the global public health with another 'treasure beyond measure' to admire from the greatness of the individual Dr. Barnes. Venereal Disease such as sexually transmitted HIV was never a subject for polite society and from the outset of the launch of Argyrol Anti-Infective into commerce in medicine in 1901, Argyrol was used by men against venereal disease, including neonatal gonorrheal opthalmia. Dr. Barnes amassed the Barnes Collection [currently insured at 60 billion] with the vast fortune from Argyrol. The genius of Dr. Barnes to secure the exclusivity of the drug Argyrol ensured its continuation in perpetuity beyond a limited duration of 17 years for a patent and Dr. Barnes sold Argyrol in the late 1920's to Zonite through E.F. Hutton. By the 1940's, Argyrol again was manufactured by a Barnes company and Argyrol for VD Prevention was mandatory U.S. and Allied military protocols, but VD Prevention Technology for men appears to have been suppressed after the death of Dr. Barnes, it seems. In the wake of the advent of systemic antibiotic penicillin and systemic antivirals, there are drug resistant strains of super germs such as incurable pandemic sexually transmitted HIV, with a rising [50 billion since 2003] PEPFAR budget for global antiretroviral treatment of AIDS. Johnson & Johnson bought Argyrol from Cooper Companies in the early 1980's when Argyrol was listed World Health Organization Essentials Medicine. As epidemic HIV infections became pandemic AIDS, the molecule which is Argyrol quietly was withdrawn from commerce in medicine, although Temple University published in 1995 the molecule effectiveness against HIV, until by 1999 FDA [and global] drug regulatory adjudications mandated New Drug Applications to control the economics of all molecular silver drugs. Exempt from the NDA mandate for all jurisdictions, Argyrol was lost by J&J in 2001 under legal challenge for the mark which is the drug and has a particular protection under law that issued during Dr. Barnes' ownership. NIH/DAIDS issued a testing agreement for the use of Argyrol against HIV in 2004 and was caught in collusion with the University of Texas at the USPTO, wrongfully in 'bad faith' attempt to acquire UT entitlement to the science of Argyrol [exhibited in attack on an HIV pathogen in UT published article at ""]. The two UT patents for the use of 'renamed' Argyrol [against sexually transmitted diseases, HIV and in the eyes of newborns] remain repeatedly denied because of the prior art-the Argyrol molecule exists. Argyrol is exclusive beyond any patent that long already would have expired and Argyrol continues in commerce in medicine as it has for over 100 years, just the way Dr. Barnes would have wanted it. In spite of the proof of Argyrol value to contemporary medicine and in spite of the unmet dire need to 'stop the flow of new HIV infections', without implementation of Argyrol VD/STD/HIV Prevention Technology there was unchecked, rampant spread of 60,000 new HIV cases in the last year in the U.S. alone that demand antiretroviral treatment funding in order to be able to survive.
Argyrol® Anti-Infective is world-reknowned for over a century, considered as one of the most versatile of medicines. Argyrol® is listed on World Health Organization schedules as an Essential Medicine for populations in crises, whose basic health care may be simple first aid kits, if any. Without versatile Argyrol® at hand, even routine eye infections and/or slight eye injuries can lead to loss of vision for persons in rural habitations without the basics of professional health care.

Aryrol® Pharmaceuticals is committed to manufacture and distribute Argyrol® Anti-Infective worldwide. Traveling to South Africa in 2002 to alert the South African Ministry of Health of the Argyrol® promise to once again maintain a vital health care product presence, we are heading back to Africa to implement the plan to bring Argyrol® Anti-Infective to assist daunting health care challenges facing the global public health for subsistence populations worldwide.

Committed to provide Argyrol® Anti-Infective for consumers, healthcare professionals, pharmacists and a global public health familiar with Argyrol® for over a century, Argyrol® has been performing as a versatile hygiene protocol for eyes, ears, inner ear, nose, upper respiratory system (sinuses), throat and genito-urinary tract. Vital as a surgical device to remove mucous and identify debris for ophthalmic surgery, Argyrol® effective simplicity reaches the most accomplished physicians and surgeons, to the least educated in basic health care practices.

Argyrol® is a first aid first response, 'first line of defense' hygiene protocol to benefit persons of all ages and in all populations. Argyrol® again will be within the reach of those who presently may have the least ability to basic assistance for routine health care maintenance issues.

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