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Argyrol Pharmaceuticals is happy to provide safe and effective healthcare solutions. Read what others have said about their experience with Argyrex®:

"This stuff really works. I use it on my cuts and scrapes from playing soccer and baseball. It makes them heal real fast and feel better. You just put it on the spot and then the Argyrex dries and just washes right off. A few summers ago I got a rash from rolling around in grass. I put Argyrex on the rash and it took the itching away and the rash went away real fast."

--- Cole Wolterman

"A few years ago I had shingles all over my chest. I went to my doctor and underwent traditional treatment. The condition was taking a long time to heal. A friend gave me a bottle of Argyrex to help with the shingles. To my amazement after applying the Argyrex the condition healed much faster than expected and took away much of my discomfort. Also, neither my skin nor clothes were stained. After Argyrex dries you just simply wash it away. I would recommend this product to anyone."

--- Floyd Ross

"Argyrex is a very good product for the healing of external wounds. I have used the sterile dressing on many occasions with my four children. It seals the wounded area and greatly assists in the healing process. Argyrex is easy to use, does not stain skin or clothing, and easily washes off after drying."

--- Pam W.

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