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When To Use ARYGEX®
ARGYREX® should be used to protect an open skin area from infection compromise; to accelerate good healing; to decrease incidence of scarring, thus to improve the appearance of the skin. There are NO SIDE EFFECTS from misuse or overuse, even from accidental ingestion!

Product Description
ARGYREX® is effective to combat infection in irritated skin. The revolutionary ARGYROL® absorptive, non-staining formulation is engineered for use on routine rash, cut, abrasion, sores or viral lesions which may afflict the skin. ARGYREX® helps stop discomfort immediately upon application and sterilizes the skin.

ARGYREX® protects inflamed areas, even in moist open wounds, while absorbing germs and the medium in which germs thrive. ARGYREX® is the most vigilant hygiene protocol for problematic viral lesions, effectively working to soothe itching and ease pain from irritated nerve endings.

ARGYREX® is the first absorptive microbicide hygiene product of its kind, effective against viruses and bacteria and the only ARGYROL® ANTI-INFECTIVE STERILE DRESSING.
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ARGYREX® suspends soothing, non-irritating anti-infective ARGYROL® Silver Solution 10% (mild silver protein, edetate calcium disodium and gelatin in distilled water) in sterilized nanotechnologically engineered microcrystalline, mined and milled minerals (montmorillonite, kaolinite, quartz and crystobalite.)

ARGYREX® is virucidal and bactericidal, absorbs contaminate exudate and seals wound sites.

ARGYREX® continuous absorptive action facilitates adherence of ARGYREX® at the applied site, vital for effective action in moist viral lesions. ARGYREX® excess dries to a fine powder that sloughs off and essentially disappears, or ARGYREX® easily dissolves in water. ARGYREX® remains in place in a woundsite where it becomes part of the natural scab formation.

Directions for Use
ARGYREX® is easy to use and rapidly dries as you apply. Please Note: This product is provided moist but can be adjusted for desired thinner applications. Simply shake in jar or stir and apply.

Thoroughly clean skin site and hands. Shake jar or stir if necessary and apply an amount sufficient to completely cover affected area. Argyrex® will dry and adhere to every skin site. For mucous membrane areas cover site thoroughly to help to alleviate discomfort. Permit excess Argyrex® to dry and slough off. Allow Argyrex® to adhere and remain in place during routine cleansing and reapply as needed. A bandage may be applied if desired to cover the area. Use Argyrex® overnight for facial application. Keep jar tightly closed so that it does not dry out. Moisten with water to restore. Argyrex® will remain fully effective. Argyrex® is guaranteed to be 100% safe and effective for persons on all ages when used as directed.
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